35 Ways to Bring the Weekend Feels to Everyday

Celebrate 08.09.22

Life’s too short to wait around for the weekends to enjoy those Friday Feelings. Here are just a few ways to boost your mood throughout the week so you don’t have to wait until Friday for fun. 🥳

  1. Put on your favorite Spotify playlist. (Our favorites are linked here!)
  2. Try a new coffee order. (We love a good cold brew.) 
  3. Get outside.
  4. Doodle.
  5. Have a mini dance break.
  6. Call a loved one.
  7. Try a new workout. Yes, a Hot Girl Walk counts.
  8. Treat yourself to your favorite snack. 
  9. Listen to a podcast.
  10. Pay someone a compliment.
  11. Find a piece in your closet you’ve never worn before and style an outfit.
  12. Drink water. Seriously, you’re probably dehydrated.
  13. Try a new recipe.
  14. Find a simple seasonal DIY on Pinterest and do it.
  15. Watch a funny YouTube video.
  16. Unplug. Try going on a walk without your phone.
  17. Watch a new movie. 
  18. Try a new makeup hack. You never know when you’ll find your next go-to look!
  19. Start a new series.
  20. Make a new Pinterest board. Try reimagining your bedroom style.
  21. Play a board game.
  22. Create a new playlist.
  23. Do a face mask. (Preferably one the makes your skin GLOW!) 
  24. Stretch.
  25. Learn a new skill.
  26. Write a letter. This can be to your mom, your best friend, or your future self.
  27. Start a new book...or just walk around the bookstore for the aesthetic.
  28. Journal.
  29. Eat some fresh fruit.
  30. Go on a local adventure in your neighborhood.
  31. Take some time to volunteer.
  32. Make a TikTok. 
  33. Have a fun drink. A lemonade, a soda, a smoothie —whatever your vibe is!
  34. Practice gratitude. A great way to start is by writing down five things you’re grateful for.
  35. Light a candle. (Our favs are linked here!) 
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